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2017, New Delhi

A Residential typology prevalent in Delhi of families staying together on one plot but as separate apartment floors, taking the Courtyard concept of Light and Ventilation.

Urbanscape ID2017

2014, New Delhi

Built out of recycled wood, this pavilion was based on the idea of unobstructed thoughts associated often with the children. The space was inspired from the hundreds of ruins that dot Delhi, where those incomplete broken stone walls with the overgrowth of years led us kids to play our imaginary games, where we spent hours playing outside…

Pensieve ID2014

2008, Bhopal

As a gesture to encourage various sports facilities within the state the program included a cricket stadia, 2 multipurpose indoor halls, an aquatic centre, tennis courts and various outdoor pitches. An 18 hole golf course was also included so as to act as a national level venue for the golfing tournaments

Satgarhi Sports City.

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Architectural Digest: AD50 March-April 2015

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